Capture (Seaside Pictures #1) by Rachel Van Dyken


Losing your ability to speak at the age of seventeen; it’s not normal or fair. But trauma, has a way of throwing normality out the window. Dani lives anything but a normal life. Her sister is married to one of the biggest names in Hollywood. Her best friends are rockstar duo AD2.And she has more love around her than most people experience in a lifetime. But that doesn’t change the fact their parents are dead. Or that it’s her fault.

It seems her new normal is being a mute, living on the inside, unable to actually communicate on the outside. That is until Hollywood’s newest heartthrob Lincoln Greene hires her as his assistant for the summer. He’s gorgeous, completely unavailable, and unobtainable. But that doesn’t stop her from wondering… if things were different…would he want her? If she was whole, would he be the other half?

Book: Capture (Seaside Pictures #1) by Rachel Van Dyken (Goodreads)
Published: August 20, 2015
Pages: 288
Genres: Romance, New Adult, Disability, Famous Hero
Format: Kindle
Date Read: February 9-23, 2016
Rating: 4 Potatoes πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”

Where to start with this review? Did I love the book? Yes. Did I love all of the characters? Not necessarily.

I loved Lincoln aka Linc, he stayed true to himself throughout the entire book. You’d think that since he’s hollywood’s next heartthrob he’d be shallow, rude, demanding, etc. That wasn’t the case with him at all – he was kind, loving, and real. He wasn’t a shallow self-absorbed snob like the typical stereotype dictates.

Dani, Dani, Dani. I liked her at the end of the book, I did. But she was so immature for so much of it that it began to really make me mad. I know that shes only seventeen in the book and she’s just being a typical teenager but you can’t expect people to treat you as an adult when you think and act like a teen. That being said, she did go through a huge traumatic event and my heart really bled for the teen girl inside of her that had to go through it all.

Jay and Tris… I didn’t love their characters but I didn’t outright hate them. I would like to read their backstory in the future, I think it would help me understand their actions a lot more.

Zane! I loved him and I absolutely cannot wait for his story. Where can I find a marshmallow-eating, kind, funny, sexy man for myself??? I love Zane and I can’t wait to read book two so we get to learn more about what makes this awesome character tick!

Zane and Linc alone made me give this book 4 stars, had I cared more for Tris and Dani I would have given the book a 5 star rating without a moments hesitation.

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