Finding You by Lena Hendrix


After eight years in the Marines, I’m still looking for the mysterious woman I’ve obsessed over since her first letter. When she shows up in my small town, I’m thrilled. It turns out she’s my brother’s best friend–and the girl he’s always loved– now I’m caught between the two people who matter to me the most.

I’m a Marine which means honor and duty runs deep. Joanna is off-limits. That would be a whole lot easier if she hadn’t already agreed to helping run my brother’s fishing guide business for the summer, forcing me to work side-by-side with the woman I’ve fantasized about for years.

I can keep her at a distance, push her away, man up. But she draws me in without even trying and I can’t get enough of how she makes me feel. I’m stealing moments with her and I know it’s wrong. She may not be my brother’s girlfriend, but I know a landmine when I see one.

Does being an honorable man really mean I have to let her go?

Book: Finding You by Lena Hendrix
Published: May 26, 2021
Pages: 258
Genres: Romance, Military or Men In Uniform
Format: Kindle
Date Read: February 9-10, 2023
Rating: 3 Potatoes

I really liked the premise of this story and was looking forward to reading it so much but was very disappointed.

The characters had good chemistry and sizzling love scenes but that’s where it ended in my opinion. The characters were so in lust with how the other looked that we didn’t get to find out much about the characters themselves. They were very one dimensional and I felt like we didn’t get to know them at all.

The book was good in that it was fast paced and not boring at all but I wanted to learn more about these characters and why they liked each other so much, other than looks.

What little I knew about the characters, I enjoyed reading but I just feel like I wanted more from the story.

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